The Wicci System

The Wicci System is a collaborative content management system. It consists of twelve extensive components which have each been given their own git repository to allow them to be reused more flexibly. All components should be checked out and linked together appropriately before trying to build the Wicci System.

Wicci Core The Heart of the Wicci System
includes low-level C & SQL libraries and SQL Metaprogramming Foundation
SQL Schema 1: Refs Server Programming eXtensions including
Refs = Typed Object References, Operations and Methods
SQL Schema 2: Core Ref Types for Unique Names and Environment Contexts
SQL Schema 3: More Ref Types for Arrays, Texts & Scalars
SQL Schema 4: Doc Ref Types for Hierarchical Documents
SQL Schema 5: XML Ref Types for URIs, XML and HTML
SQL Schema 6: HTTP Ref Types for HyperText
SQL Schema 7: Wicci the Wicci Server Model
XFiles - coming soon initial files to load into Wicci Documents
Tools Wicci utility programs (mostly scripts)
Docs Documentation on the Wicci outside of the Wicci
The Wicci Shim Reverse Proxy for Wicci HTTP Server